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As a direct lender licensed in 45 states and in business for nearly a decade, we've helped borrowers across the nation, just like you, achieve the dream of home ownership. This includes credit-challenged applicants that need extra help and guidance from their lender to qualify for their future home loan.

We deliver extremely competitive rates and offer an expanded variety of home loan solutions for both purchase and refinance, including FHA, VA and new to the market loan product options not available through all lenders.  

Often the process of applying for a home loan can be difficult and confusing. Our extensively trained and  licensed Loan Officers will guide you through our streamlined process while providing excellent customer service to earn your business.


Ready To Buy A Home? Congratulations on taking the first step towards home ownership! We continually assist potential new home buyers and the Real Estate Agent community by  providing free home loan prequalifications and our expertise in the home purchase process. 

Ready To Refinance A Home? Whether it's your primary residence, your second  home or an investment property, we have an expanded varietiy of loan products to save you money. 



Want To Remodel? If you're planning a home remodel, be it a kitchen, bathroom or backyard, we'll help you find the right loan for your project.

Need Cash Out For Other Reasons? Want to consolidate credit card debt, pay off  an auto loan or simply  put some cash away for a rainy day? We'll help you optimize your finances to save money.   

Ready For A New  Loan?  Our skilled teams, from start to finish, all work together in unison, providing a streamlined process to accelerate the closing of your new loan.


Call the REO Line at 888-972-8537   

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